Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life as we know it.

Hidup ni tak selalunya indah. Hakikat nya begitulah. Apa yang kita harapkan, sebaliknya yang berlaku. Hikmah? Ya, selalalunya memang ada hikmah, ada sebab mengapa setiap sesuatu berlaku. Apa yang nak dicoretkan di sini? Entah, empunya diri pun tak pasti. Yang pasti, perasaan sekarang bercampur baur, sedih, kecewa, marah, berharap. Mengharap keadaan kembali seperti dulu? Mungkin? Hanya Allah yang tahu.

Menyalahkan takdir? Tidak sama sekali. Cuma tak pasti, apa yang sedang berlaku ini mungkin pengakhiran bagi sesuatu ataupun sebaliknya. Wallahualam.

Sentiasa mengharapkan pengakhiran yang baik. Mudah-mudahan ada jalan penyelesaian kali ini. Aminn.

Sekadar meluahkan rasa. Tak dapat nak berkongsi dengan nyata masalah yang sebenarnya. Cuma minta didoakan kesejahteraan, kebaikan, kelansungan dan segalanya dipermudahkan. (:

p/s : Sahabat-sahabat terdekat yang tahu, terima kasih. Doakan yang tebaik ya.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello ladies! Hello guys! I know, I know, I'm a bit late of wishing happy new year, but still I think it's not that late. Yeah. Anyway, happy new year, happy new start, happy, happy, happy! Gosh, I'm enthusiastic and I know it. I'm excited to write okay, pardon me, i miss my blog! So I'm happy finally I've got the mood to write again. I hope this lasts.

As I say, new start eh? Since my last entry, a lot had happened. Some are good and some are bad, undeniably. It's life people, full of colours. Let's hope and pray the colours are going to be bright this whole year. Amiin :)

2012 eh? And I will be 22! Gosh. 22, quite a big number, and I'm a big girl now. (literally ;P )
Not much, of course everybody will be wishing, hoping and praying life this year will be great, blessed full of happiness, InsyaAllah. The same goes for me. :)

So far, life has been great, everything is going well, just a bit here and there might not be perfect, but well, whose life is perfect? No one, really. A fresh start for me, as I'm now in Shah Alam, pursuing my studies, learning to be very independent. Well, most of the time, since I'm far from my parents, my diploma's friends and even my siblings.

You know, sometimes, you can quite not believe that you can be so independent. Okay, maybe you (the one who read this) have a different perspective or different background, you're used of being alone doing things yourselves. But not me. All this time, I've been with my friends, to class, to dine, let's just say never really alone. Like going anywhere always in groups. Here, I'm experiencing new things (good one of course :P). I even drive myself anywhere! (that is the hardest thing to believe because I've never set foot on the pedals ever since I've got my license back in 2008) .

The thing is that I want to say when you believe in yourself, the things you've always imagine impossible might not be that impossible. Even impossible itself has a I'm possible in it. If you get what I mean, u'r a genius! Tehee :)

Well, happy 2012 everyone and congratulations to all my friends who are going to continue your studies very soon! All the best guys! :)

p/s: to YOU, thank you for being there for me always. Love you lots. xoxo :)

t.t.f.n. (n_n)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


p/s: The feelings that stops me from posting entries. Sorry. T_T