Saturday, June 5, 2010

what I want not what I need

Grrrr.It's 3 a.m. and I'm still awake?
Macam mane nk kurus nih?er,I read somewhere,if you tend to sleep less,your hormones changes,and it will somehow makes u fat!?
OK.I am,I'll become fatter.Gee~~
the fact is that I am dieting!
wish me luck people!
I really need to slim down.
it's the 1st thing in my mind.
ok.not really.I'm lying.

well the 1st thing in my mind
is not exactly what I really need
but more to what I really want!
(pemikiran rosak,jgn contohi)

last Thursday,while hanging out with
1 of my besties, Haziqah Jaafar
lepas book movie ticket
kami jln2 di mall.
Ape yg menarik perhatian kami
bukan baju,bukan kasut,bukan jewelleries,tapi

apasal ek?
mengidam handphones.
nilah remaja zmn sekarang.
ok,klau u guys x,kamilah.
belek2,pdhal masing2 da ade target sndiri.
for Haziqah,
here's her dream

LG Lollipop!nice taste bebeyh!
serious,sgt comel.
menu pon sgt3 comel.
very cute!
everything bout this 'piece of tech'
is soo adorable!
the price the day I saw these are at RM799.
sape2 yg mampu,silalah beli!
kami belum mampu!tskkk.tsk.

ok,mine mcm da agk ketinggalan.
xtually,klau ekotkn aty,jht
nk yg latest je.

sony aino.
cool babe.
tapi impossible to own this!(for me)
sbb x mampu.
n klau nk pau ibu pon.
let's say,harapan jelah.
another 1

sony satio.
lagilah.berangan jew.*sigh*
ok,after considering permintaan hati
yg meronta-ronta
at last,this is what I choose.

nokia 5800xpressmusic
kesian kan?
agk ketinggalan kot?
x kisahla.
nk merasa touchscreen.
to iphone,bubbye.
memg x dpt.

ini pon,ibu mcm baru bg yellow light(cm kt traffic light)
depends la pd result kot.
if maintain,ok,maybe.maybe.maybe will be considered.

fyi,Haziqah da dpt green light for the LG!!!
I envy her!!!
to think again,
if I cant get the nokia,
I'll go for the LG too!
sbb,it's much cheaper.
klau dptla. *sigh*

watever pon,penentuan adalah 10th June 2010.
doakan sy maintain result ye?
pretty please?