Tuesday, May 18, 2010

truth hurts

It's been a while since I last updated my blog.Sorry guys.Not really in the mood I guess.
Gee~~ I feel so bored at home.ok,sangat x baek.apela ank ibu ni kan?haih.
it's the truth and the truth often hurts.
Ok,not often but always hurt.

talking about the truth.
about friends and friendship.
bile namenye friends@kawan@sahabat, of course there are too many to describe each and everyone.
i've made friends since i was in primary school until now and I love u guys!
tadika?setakat nih xde plak yg mengaku same2 berlari lari xnk kena tinggal di tadika. (v_V)
fyi,yes I chased my father's car,crying,xnk kena tinggal di tadika.

well, it's normal where in every thing that we have isn't always perfect.
that includes our circle of friends.
many are friends for life,never to leave one another in difficult situations.
unfortunately not everyone is a friend like that.
there are some who approach in time of their need.
when it comes to our turn,they fled away.sangat x patut kan?
this is what we call friends for benefit+only.
ok.note that there's '+' sign there.
maknanya, berkawan untuk kepentingan diri sahaja.
x slh,normal lah.
i mean,klau kwn kite 2 artis,kite tumpang popular kn?
esok2,dy promote kite,fuhh.meletop mak!
tp jgnlah jdkan i2 tujuan kite berkawan.
namanye x ikhlas.
lg2 bile esok kite di atas, kite lupe dy pulak!
tapi, i2lah kenyataan yg sgt pahit nak ditelan!

okla,enough babbling.
u guys yg bace pon sure x sbr nak abeskan,rite?
before that.
I'm sorry if by writing this,I may hurt some of u.
me,myself is not perfect and i'm sorry if me,myself had been a terrible friend of yours.
this is what's happening to me.
so,be careful of whom u befriended guys!
he or she may have not turn out to be as 'innocent' as they look like! 

t.t.f.n (n_n)




  1. hahah...seronok bila kenangkan balik zaman kecil n kawan kawan kan...tapi i suka tgk pic comel comel dekat tepi tuh...nice blog!!

  2. yup2..
    rase jd kanak2 lg best..
    thanx dear! ;)