Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh!So Happy!

Most people said that happiness won't last forever.
Well,at least I had the chance of embracing the happy moments while it is lasting!

I should be sleeping by now!
(while writing this,the whole household are sleeping already,even the babies!)

This past few days had really been wonderful!
1st- I scored my exams with flying colours! Alhamdulillah!Hee~~
2nd- My nephews n nieces are home for holidays!yey!
3rd- remember my last post?It may come true in a few days!InsyaAllah!
4th- We(the whole family) had just enjoyed a mouth-watering BBQ!

Talk bout the BBQ,here's what in the menus:

A roasted herbs n lemon chicken with baked potatoes!(specially made by Along)
A tasty and colouful trifle!(specially baked by Ibu)
Lamb chops!(so the yummy!)
Chicken wings and drummets!(its,BBQ people!what else?)
Meat slices!(provided by Makchu!)
Sate!(Compulsory in our BBQ!)
Hot Dogs and Burgers!(Hello!It's so fattening!)
Nasi Goreng Kampung!(extra hot and spicy by Kak Lynn)
A Secret Recipe Birthday Cake!(sorry,can't remember the name,but I'm sure it's cheese!)
Watermelon(damn juicy!)
Lemonade(my 'type' of beverage)

Can you believe it?
A total of 11??
Imagine the preparing phase and the cleaning phase.
Not to say,the 'eating' part.
no wonder we are all fatigued and bloated!yucks!
But the most important thing is that we are happy!

I am happy! (n_n)

t.t.f.n (O_O)

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