Friday, July 2, 2010

Special Gifts Indeed

Dengan izin Allah s.w.t sy masih bernyawa menyambut hari lahir yg ke 20.
Moga-moga segala urusan dipermudahkan lagi,InsyaAllah.

Nak kata terlalu teruja sambut,x juga.
Biasa je.
Air mata dah keluar dulu mlm td.
Kenapa?x payah tanye.
Tapi,Alhamdulillah,masih dikurniakan keluarga n kwn2 yg baik.
Terima Kasih ye pada sesiapa yg wish n mendoakn kebaikan utk sy.
Allah saja yg dpt membalasnya.Amiin.

Kenapa agak skema post ni?
HAHA.baru sedar.
Ok,back to my old self.
Talking about gifts and birthdays are a very common things.
yet,how it is presented is priceless.

Just few days b4 my birthday
these 'edible and priceless' gifts had been delivered to me.

wanna know what's inside?

aren't these cute?
you should see my surprise face when I opened the parcel!
I was like 'OMG'!!!
This is the sweetest yet priceless gift I've ever get in my life.

The sender?
It's my darling,my pretty BFF n GFF Nabiha Faudzi.
(if you're reading this babe,TQ again!)
You really made my day syg. :)

and also to my luvly sista,Diane
TQ syg for the special post u made for me.
I was sooo surprised!
I didn't even expect it at all.
n I LOVE YOU dear.
InsyaAllah,I will be a better person.

I am blind b4 n still now
but at least you've managed to make me see things not like b4.
you've made me think differently.
your words,wisdom,I really have respect for that.

Don't fret what others think of you syg.
You know what's better for you.
n we, (me,Faez,Roza,Zurul) love you the way you are. :)

well,I guess this is the end of my post.
TQ for making my day :)
at least now I am not too upset to head back to SEGAMAT.Ohh.Gee~

t.t.f.n (n_n)

1 comment:

  1. i luv u d way u are sayang :)

    sebak SKET type nih. hehe. paser masok mate.

    i know, no matter what, i still have 4 of u :)

    u guys are such a BIG gift from Allah to me.

    alhamdulillah :)