Thursday, April 8, 2010

my heart got struck dude!

Seriously.I don't know what happen.
It seems I really like this somebody.Yeah,Hell.
Because of this guy, i can let go of my feelings for my dearest ex. miracle huh?
I don't know why.My heart keeps telling me that this GUY is the one. 
can our heart be trusted, people? i wish i've the answer.
coz right now, i'm feeling damn confused!
to be truth, i don't really know if he's into me or not.ooh. (-_-')

right now, he seems to be in a bad condition.
he's trying to forget his ex-girlfriend. is it possible??

i mean, they've been 2gether for 4 years man!!

will i stand a chance?? who knows? only GOD knows.
and i sure hope HE, THE ALMIGHTY will guide me trough this. 
wish me luck people!
right now, i think i'll just go with the flow. is there even a flow?? might be,IDK.
GOSH . why is it so hard?  
It's quite painful waiting for something uncertain.

if i can just tell him. but I won't. yeah. I won't.
Let's just play safe. He needs me and I'm here for him. That's what matters. isnt' it??

it's 12 a.m. and my part as a caring friend has come!
better keep my mouth shut! bye people! 
T.T.F.N. (T_T)