Monday, January 24, 2011

ini entry untuk penggemar fesyen!

Hello hello kopi milo!
okeh,I'm sure most girls are crazy about attires and fashions.Paling tak ponlah, you are aware of what you wear everyday.betol tak?(guys pon same je,right?).So,si penggila fesyen,ini berita baik untuk you all!yang tak gila fesyen tapi suka main pakai-pakaikan baju kat patung or main game berunsur fesyen pon boleh join jugak!takde halnye derr.HEHE.

join mane?sini!sini!

kenapa I cakap website ni best?because you can dress up your model with designer's clothes, shoes, handbags, and so on. ada yang lagi best yang takde pada game lain, but you have to see it for yourself lah.I dont wanna spoil the fun! ^_^
wanna see styles that I create? (this style has the highest vote up to today)

bangga tak bangga bila non-Malaysian voted for us Malaysians!see for yourself! <3

If you think this is agak kebaratan, well it's my sense of style and plus it's not me wearing those outfits. But hell yeah, ada Malaysians in this looklet yang mengetengahkan konsep Malaysia in styling their models. A good thing isn't it?

Let's be creative people!

Ehem,bila da join looklet dont forget to follow me here ya? 

p/s: let me know if you guys has sign up for looklet okay?have fun! (:

t.t.f.n (n_n)

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