Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello April (:

Hello April, again :) Hello readers, hello sayangs...apekah motif 's' di belakang? sebab aku syg ramai orang. Especially orang yang ikut dan baca blog aku.  Ok, enough babbling... 1st of all, sorry sangat lame ta update, I guess I was so busy with tests, assignments and life. yeah, life. 

This past few days are such happy days for me, but tonight again I felt sad, angry maybe, in other words I'm feeling miserable again! Just like in March. Entahlah, tak semua yang kita harapkan akan jadi seperti yang kita nak kan? I've tried my best. Yeah, I'm sure I've tried my best. Boleh ta na cakap yang aku da penat?

Ok, emo as always. HAHA. Well, let's be happy. I'm trying to be happy ni. Help me! Help me! :D
Baru habis satu test tadi, coming soon this Tuesday, paper Accounting. memang favourite lah. Sangat.
Then on Wednesday ada forum pulak. Bestnyeeee. Ta prepare satu hape pon lagi. Demm. Ta sempat kot. Eh, pelajar cemerlang ta boleh bagi alasan. Tehee :)

Sorry guys I had nothing fun to share yet. Asyik-asyik entry aku emo kan? Sorry :|
Blog is another way for me to express my feelings though. ^^

Well, I guess this is it. 
I'm currently addicted to Sims 2 again, downloading new hairstyles and garments all over the internet! 
( it makes me forget what I'm dealing with, at least for a while )

t.t.f.n (n_n)

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