Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simple Truths of Life

Kadang-kadang benda yang simple dalam hidup kita pun, kita tak perasan kewujudannya, dan bukan benda je, even manusia pun, selalunya ambil mudah perasaan orang lain. Yeah, pathetic, but believe me, it's the truth. Tipulah kan kalau seumur hidup, tak pernah kecilkan hati sape-sape ye tak? Tapi, beragakla derr, jangan melampau. Everyone has their limits. Not speed limits, patience!

Below are something for us to ponder about. Well should I say have fun, learn well ?


p/s: I'm done putting someone else's 1st, I need to learn to put myself 1st now, not to be selfish, but sometimes you just have to. And, when you gave all your heart to somebody and  you expect he would do the same in return, you will likely get disappointed, unless you're one lucky girl.

t.t.f.n (=_=)

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