Monday, November 15, 2010

raging hormones!

Oh,I am upset! :(
I may get hurt over silly things,but at least I am being honest bout it,bout what I feel.
tak salah kan bila jujur?
dah memang diri ni sensitif,so...

I hate it when you ignore me.well,kind of ignore me.
I know sometimes you didn't mean it,but still,you should be mindful of what you are doing and saying.
When it stings,it hurts badly.

I am sorry.
I know I am not perfect.
I know I am not pretty.I never said I was.
But I am me,I am what I am,who I am.
If I am a monster,then I am a monster.
If I am a fairy,then I am a wish. (:

ok,I am mumbling (am I?) no.writing scraps.
maybe it's because of my raging hormones. (??!)
ignore me,take me seriously.up to you.

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