Wednesday, October 27, 2010

facts.facts.facts =3

ok.ok.saya entry ke-2 tuk arini.hehe.tibe-tibe mood berblogging terlebey plak.x kisahla kan.just wanna share with u guys.THESE FACTS I found in my 'drug' website.HAHA.ok,it's in my tumblr.but since not everyone has a tumblr,I decided to put it in here.

IDK for everyone else what do these facts mean
but for me la,
all of the above, (the girls part)
are true.
so damn true!
you sould read this
coz,not everything can be expressed through words.
dan saya memang insan yang tak reti nak berkata-kata.
lain yang dimaksudkan,lain pula orang faham.

for the guys part
well,part of it are true
I guess. (:

okey.this entry ends here.
i am so caught up with tumblr.
join the fun in tumblr guys! :)

t.t.f.n ^_^

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