Monday, October 4, 2010


seriously I am feeling so so so jealous right now!
seeing what?
YOU and HER?nop!
a new iphone??might be,but not that!

to be truth
there are millions of things i couldn't own
that i would feel envy of
but this one
is actually what I really wanted
since I was a kid

I envy my friends who are
currently overseas 
and will be going soon!
Marina,it's your fault
(yeah,I blamed myself)
I blamed myself for being such an insolent person before.
I played too much.
I dreamed too much.
I did not study smart.
I loved too hard. (?)
ok,the last sentence only 'me' would understand.bwahaha!

I really missed my chances.
would there be 
another chances?
might be.
will be.
if God's will it
I will be.
maybe later when I am working
who knows,right?

the place i'll love to go 'n' stay:

United Kingdom
the big apple city

Japan for sure ;)

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